Overdue post about my trip to Sweden

I recently ( about a month ago) went to Sweden for a week to visit some friends I hadn’t seen in over 2 years. I met 2 of the coolest and craziest swedish ladies in New Zealand, we only spent about 2 weeks together on The Stray Bus traveling about the South Island. It’s strange how you can form such amazing friendships with people in such a short period of time and even without seeing them in over 2 years, we meet up again and its like no time as past.


Stockholm was the first stop, what a beautiful city. Made up of something like 14 islands all connected by a bridges.

I stayed at a hostel in the city center, it was okay, nothing special. I spent the first full day on one of those hop on hop off tour buses. I went to the Vasa Museum first, this is a must! The oldest salvaged ship.


The Gamla Stan (Old Town) area is Stockholm is amazing. Full of cobbled twists and turns. There was this one alley that was super narrow. The Streets were lined with cafes and Ice Cream Shops.My dream come true 🙂

There was the amazing green park (I think it was called “The Kings Gardens”)with a pond/fountain thing surrounded by cherry blossom trees. Stunning!

The weather was perfect, sunny blue skies.

I then travelled by train from Stockholm to Gothenburg so see my swedish ladies, Stina and Rachel.

They took me along the Archipelago of Gothenburg, we went to the island of Marstrand. This island had a great coastal walk around the whole island.

I had such an amazing week in Sweden and I can’t wait to return to explore more of this country. If you get the chance Sweden is a must see.

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