awww days off, gots to love them. I took a couple of days off this week and decided to head down to Brighton & Eastbourne, as I have never been.

Loved Brighton straight away. As soon as you arrive at the train station there are organic porridge oats and coffee stalls.  You can hear the seagulls everywhere. It’s strange though Brighton is super cool and fun but at the same time is kind of a seedy red-light district.

Everyone has this Brighton look about them, off the beaten track kind of folk. The North Lanes are full of vintage shops and cute vegan cafes ,bright colors on all the shop fronts. There was this one camera shop that I have fallen in love with and wished I owned it. I bought some paper called “Sunography” I can’t wait to try it out. I wonder what is would like capital wise to open a sweet camera shop…hmmm…..