European Train Adventure

For my 2 week holiday this year I decided not to go home for a visit (sorry guys) but instead to travel around Europe by train. I found a Eurostar ticket for super cheap and a flight from Berlin back to London so I thought let’s start in Paris and 2 weeks later end in Berlin. The plan then became Paris, Zurich,Innsbruck,Fussen and Berlin.

First day in Paris, I leave the hostel and of course I’m followed down the street by some guy shouting things at me in french. I had to cross the street to get him to stop, but no worries its Paris 🙂

I walked the 40 minutes from the hostel to Notre Dame.


Bar Belushi’s 

The sun is shining, which was super nice as the rest of my time in Paris was all rain! I started to wander down the side streets to get away from the massive crowd of tourists at the catherdal. I came across this super cute cupcakery called Bertie’s Cupcakery( oh yes cupcakes! and the owner is canadian) I took one to go, which I ate sitting outside of the Pantheon. Sadly most of the icing didn’t make it from the walk, but man was that cupcake amazing.

I really wanted to find Shakespeare & Company and as I always do I got lost (even using goggle maps) When I finally found got there it was just as cute as I thought, again full of people but that was to be expected. I bought a book “Stories for Halloween” by Edgar Allan Poe.

On my last day I was waiting at Gare Du Lyon train station for my train to Zurich, and I spent about 10 minutes watching this older lady dissect her croissant. Pulling the flakey pastry apart, rubbing it between her fingers. All leading to her taking one bite and then tossing it aside. I’m guessing it wasn’t up to her croissant standards.



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