I arrived in Zurich in the afternoon. It was a very short walk from the train station to the hostel, which is always a plus. I thought it was really amazing to go from Paris to Zurich by train, just to see the change in landscape and architecture. How different each country is, well its not completely different. All of europe have the same Gothic architecture throughout, sometimes I find that churches and main historical buildings all look the same after awhile.

The hostel (City Backpackers) have 4 flights of stairs to the reception 😦  That aside the hostel was really lovley. It has a nice lounge room next to the reception. Each floor had a small kitchen and there was a nice roof top terrace. Although the hostel was really nice, there wasn’t much of an atompshere. Now I don’t know if that was just down to the time of year or that the travelers that were there at the time were just super anti-social. I felt really disconnected from the hostel and Zurich.

I spent the day walking around, I started on the main high street (Bahnhofstrasse). I wasn’t really all that impressed with that street. It just looked like another street to me. I popped into the main church Grossmunster and there happen to be this opera singer with a small orchestra having a rehearsal. It was incredible to watch.


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