Taking the train from Zurich to Innsbruck was really something else. We headed up into snowcapped mountains(stunning). The hotel was really cute, right across from the town center. A few christmas markets had started. I spent most of the first day wandering around the streets. I made my way to the Olympic Ski Jump, which was closed at the time 😦    I walked up the steep hill, for an amazing view.

The cable car that took you to the top of the Alps was closed for repairs, but to my luck it was reopening the day I was leaving. I decided to take a later train so I can take the cable car first thing.

What an amazing idea that was!!What a view! I met these 2 ladies at the top who had met in Cape Town where they were working like 10 years ago and once a year they meet up in a different country for a visit.

Loved Austria